Air Freight Services

We have vast experience in Air Freight Forwarding

BHL Logistics is at the frontline of the freight forwarding industry as it provides top-class customer service to importers, exporters as well as the industry.

BHL Air Freight Services

In a bid to offer you reliable total transportation solutions, our forwarding and logistics services incorporate both Air-freight and Ocean-freight, which are carried on a door-to-door basis. We have a direct computer link with the Customs, allowing our staff to accelerate the processing of customs documentation in an efficient manner.

Our Air Freight Transportation services provide the arrangement of either domestic or international transportation of goods via air freight, which includes all required customs clearances, regulatory requirements, in addition to related documentation for the smooth import-export of your commercial goods. Utilizing our global network of partners, we offer you a vast array of services for catering to needs, including basic transportation, major logistics projects, etc., all of which are tailored to your individual preferences.

The Air Freight Forwarder gets a power of attorney for one of the parties involved in the goods shipment and serves as a representative of the party in every aspect of making sure the shipment gets transported on time and according to place specifications of the customer. Apart from taking care of the regulatory aspects of the air shipment, and carrying out the execution of the air freight transportation, the logistics company also makes sure that every concerned party makes proper payments for the air shipment.

When you choose our Air Freight Forwarder service, you can rest assured you are working with a partner who places top priority on your business and is passionate about its success. Our staff are more than capable to act as an intermediary between the shipper and different transportation services —ocean shipping on cargo ships, trucking, accelerated shipping via air freight, coupled with moving goods via rail.

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