Container Handling

We literally do it all for you.

bHL Logistics offers top-quality packing and container loading services.

Full Professional Packing and Container Loading

BHL Logistics offers top-quality packing and container loading services. We employ a single top-tier vendor to provide you with comprehensive packing and container loading services, which encompass design, engineering, testing, crating, warehousing as well as heavy lift cargo. We also have experts who specialize in preparing flat racks (designing and building shipping containers, in addition to container loading & securing cargo) to achieve effective weight distribution.

Expert Container Handling

By using our professional packing and container services, not only will you save time and energy, but can also rest assured your stuff will be correctly packed and labeled and that the space within your container will be efficiently packed. You have no need to worry about wrapping your furniture and antiques, or packing & marking all your boxes properly; let us help you handle this issue expertly so you can concentrate on other things requiring your attention!

We have extensive experience and training in preparation of hazardous materials for shipping. We employ a single premiere vendor for providing accountability and on-time delivery. We assure you that your freight remains our number one priority, and we will diligently carry out the drayage, crating, packing & loading into container, drayage to the port for loading onto vessel using one vendor. BHL Logistics package services include any service requiring our expert packers to pack up and ensure your items are protected for shipping or moving of any type. You can count on us to always deliver high-quality packing and container loading services! Kindly Contact Us