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BHL Delivery

BHL Delivery is a locally owned and operated less-than-load trucking company, serving Houston, TX, and the contiguous US. We offer top-quality pickup and delivery services for a wide variety of loads, such as industrial pipes, oil tools, in addition to other heavy hauling materials. Our fleet is comprised of different trucks with various sizes, which are operated by experienced and dependable drivers.

Our services are geared toward meeting your needs, with the best industry practice and the highest professionalism as all of our drivers are OSHA & HIPAA compliant. To ensure your convenience, BHL Delivery gives free estimates for most deliveries.

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Getting your merchandise affordably and handling it with care

Whatever your shipping needs are, our less-than-load (LTL) trucking experts will provide you with the most efficient package, which fits both your budget and schedule. For over 9 solid years, BHL Delivery has been serving the Houston, TX area, professionally handling LTL deliveries, hot shot trucking, flatbed shipping, heavy hauling, and others. Our services are available 24/7 — with enough drivers on staff and a robust fleet of vehicles, we guarantee quality and timely delivered services. We are experts in LTL trucking and will offer you the very best, regardless of the size of your job. As part of our philosophy, we always work with all clients to find the most effective logistical approach to bringing about a smooth delivery. And top it all, our rates are competitive, with a pricing system designed to gain your trust and with zero upcharges for fuel, pipe racks, or weight. We handle flatbed freight delivery and hot shot trucking for clients in (location) as we don’t leave any stone unturned to satisfy our customers. Our amiable team will work with you to make a timeline and offer you an affordable rate. Also, we will answer any questions you may have and provide you with proof of delivery (POD) instantly on request. With unparalleled customer service, we are readily available to work with you in every possible way, no matter your industry or freight type. • We provide you with same-day delivery service in Houston, TX, & the surrounding local areas. • BHL Delivery is a fully-licensed and –insured trucking company that works seamlessly with its partners. • We give our clients free estimates on a wide variety of delivery services, in addition to LTL trucking. • Our fleet is comprised of pick-up trucks that contain small & large stake beds, pipe racks, 40-feet mini floats as well as 18 wheelers — all for your convenience.

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8 Years of Excellence

Hot Shot Delivery Services in Houston, TX

BHL Delivery is a locally owned and operated hot shot company, serving Houston, TX, and the contiguous US. We know you would want your Hot Shot Delivery services to be done by a company, which is honest, experienced, and with the right equipment to take care of your urgent freight wherever or whenever the delivery has to be made.

Our staff has many years of experience in handling Hot Shot Trucking, enabling us to provide you with the required pool of resources to ensure all hot shot deliveries we manage are remarkably successful for both you and your customers. Our Dependable Fleet

When you seek a delivery smooth, fast, and reliably transported, your best choice is BHL Delivery. Our knowledgeable team covers every less-than-load delivery you might need to Houston, TX, including the contiguous US. We rely on our robust fleet of pickup trucks for hot shot delivery in Houston, TX, with our services ensuring that loads of any size get efficiently transported to the intended destination. For effective and efficient transport of just about anything that fits in the bed, our trucks have mini-float attachments or pipe racks, based on the freight in question. We’ve more than enough drivers in our staff, readily available for dispatch throughout the day.

Also, we always have information on the exact location of our drivers with your cargo due to our advanced communication & logistics capabilities, allowing us to coordinate deliveries on-time as well as within budget at all times. Reliable LTL Trucking

We are an LTL trucking company you can always rely on. Our services are flexible since we ensure they are available whenever you might need them, and most of them are offered at flat rates on consultation. Apart from one-off deliveries as needed, BHL also lets you schedule daily routes for regular, consistent deliveries & pickups, typically with the same driver or drivers and with a discount in rates.

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Flatbed Trucking Services — Houston, TX

If you need to transport loads that are large with an awkward shape BHL is the best flatbed trucking company to help you do so efficiently and safely. We have a state-of-the-art fleet, backed by highly-trained drivers as well as shipping crews. With our dedication to superb customer service, we guarantee you top-quality at competitive rates. Because our fleet comprises both small- and large-stake beds, we work around the weight & dimensional requirements of any load you want transported. BHL has a remarkable wealth of experience when it comes to transport of various materials, in addition to oversized equipment.

Smooth and Efficient Flatbed Hauling

BHL Flatbed Delivery in Houston, TX, will provide you with upfront, reliable service at all times. Our staff will not upcharge for things, such as fuel, extra weight or others. You will only pay the rate you are quoted, and that one of the things that distinguish our services from the competition. Quality Service for All Industries.

Our professionals understand that moving your order in such a way to satisfy you and your clients requires the provision of service, which is tailored uniquely to your business needs.

Our flatbed trucking company in Houston, TX, will work with you every step of the way for customizing our services to both your timetable and budget. Our logistics experts frequently haul equipment as well as materials for oilfield operations. But we equally work with construction equipment & materials, pipe and valve fittings, etc. Once it fits on the back of a flatbed truck, our team is eager to deliver it!

Please contact us now at +1 (281) 507-7059 if you’ve any question concerning our flatbed trucking or want to learn more about our capabilities and experience. Pickup & Delivery Services — Houston, TX

BHL is a fully insured and bonded company, which offers pickup & delivery services via pickup trucks with pipe racks, pickup trucks equipped with mini floats (40 feet), in addition to 18-wheelers (3rd- party). We guarantee the protection of your items every mile of the journey. While our major fleet vehicles comprises flatbed trucks, BHL’s capabilities are even wider, ensuring that all our clients get the quality, customized service they require. Our flatbed trucking services offer you ideal solutions your business needs, whether you’ve construction equipment, heavy machinery, or large slabs of steel & glass to transport. With BHL’s full scope of fleet vehicles, we have a wide reach when it comes to heavy haul trucking services in Houston, TX. Reliable Drivers, Always On-Time

AT BHL, our freight deliveries in Houston, TX, are premium quality services you can always rely on, backed by an on-time guarantee. Additionally, we provide an online track & trace service, which lets you know the exact location of your shipments at all times, including other details such as declarations, receipts, etc. We ensure that all your shipping documentation is kept in one place, and since you will be able to know where your freight is at any given time, you’ll have peace of mind. All our vehicles are armed with 2-way radios, alpha pages as well as mobile phones, and our state-of-the-art communication system allows us to track your order wherever the destination it could be heading. At BHL, our personnel respond to your questions and enquiries quickly and can always get you proof of delivery (POD).

We have over 40 drivers as part of our staff, and they are all extremely customer-friendly. Other than BHL Solution, nowhere else will you get a delivery service in Houston, TX, which offers the kind of personable and courteous drivers we do! Our team of drivers have years of remarkable experience, and we have another team that works specifically on logistics &communication, thus resulting in a load that is always on-time and service delivery that is always exceptional.

Our professionals are available to assist you every step of the way, coupled with personable customer service. You will not need to navigate an automated phone system as we always answer the phone and provide instant answers to any question you may have.

Call us today on +1 (281) 507-7059 to speak with a friendly representative. Or you can fill out an online quote form to obtain a free, no-obligation transportation estimate!

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Other Services We Render

Air Freight

BHL Logistics is at the frontline of the freight forwarding industry as it provides top-class customer service to importers, exporters as well as the industry.

Ocean Freight

A freight forwarder's an individual or organization that has the know-how of transporting your freight, safely and effectively, from one point to the other.

Project Management

bHL Project management services will assist you in developing your capability to deliver repeatedly and consistently change initiatives to time, at the right cost as well as quality.

Logistics Management

Logistics management must be fast, secure and precise. We have a team of experienced logistics managers working round the clock to handle your goods without hassles.

At BHL we pride ourselves among the best. With over two decades of experience in bringing smiles to the faces of our clients.


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