BHL Solution is an industry-leading management consulting company in North America. We're a global brand with a stable relationship with major companies in different sectors. Our team helps top executives to reach well-informed decisions, turn those decisions into actionable plans, and realize sustainable results they require. BHL Solution has been doing this for years; using a result-driven approach; we have been providing impeccable services with more than economic importance to our clients in Nigeria and Africa, at large. The results we achieve are not only bespoke and holistic but also practical and sustainable.

Our partners we work within all industries are leading professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in conception and commercialization of any kind projects. Other than these, we equally work with project managers, health personnel, pharmacists, designers, engineers, inspectors, technicians, system integrators, and construction managers with an ultimate objective in mind — to help you get top-quality solutions to your business needs.

Industries We Serve


Healthcare firms experience unexpected changes in market dynamics, customer behavior as well as regulatory requirements. These companies know that they have to offer greater value, which is greater quantity of healthcare at a reduced rate, to their customers. This pressure, to a reasonable extent, can be attributed to changing policies of government. However, consumers, employers as well as providers make the same demands. Thus every sub-sector of this industry has to take action for keeping up with this changing environment.

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Logistics & Procurement

BHL Solutions is a global brand which offers top-notch Procurement and Logistics (P&L) to clients worldwide. Using innovation as well as technology, we carry out the sourcing and coordination of delivery of materials and services — the highest quality available — to provide complete support for our clients’ projects and operations. From the beginning to the end, BHL will manage all the phases involved in the process of meeting the requirements of your projects, getting rid of the need to experience any stress from coordinating, fulfilling, warehousing and making delivery.

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Information Technology

The world is IT driven and for any company to survive in the 21st century there is a need to incorporate IT. At BHL we have passionate and result driven IT experts ready to meet your corporate IT needs. From networking to programming, we have got the best talents in house. We also do IT maintenance and procurement.

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BHL has a rich history of collaborating with top construction and building products companies in the world. We have partnered with clients across many global as well as regional construction markets. We have the resources as well as technical know-how for undertaking any kind of construction jobs. We work smoothly with labor organizations and government agencies. In partnership with our clients, we create tactics and strategies which will bring about results across those market conditions that are both favorable and unfavorable.

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Oil & Gas

The vibrant energy market of North America has brought about new opportunities for oil and gas firms that show a sense of urgency and have the agility to quickly make their move in a decisive manner on nascent market trends. As the next-generation consulting company for oil and gas companies worldwide, BHL provides a balanced approach for business consulting and technology solutions and services.

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Business Consulting

BHL is committed to assisting you transform your business in a collaborative manner. As a top company, you have to keep adapting to latest changes in any form. Such changes could be about transforming your firm for making a judicious use of new opportunities in the market; giving a response to latest risks and regulations or restructuring to enhance the efficiency of your business operations. .

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Project Management

BHL Project management services will assist you in developing your capability to deliver repeatedly and consistently change initiatives to time, at the right cost as well as quality. We can enhance performance throughout your organization by offering assessments, tools, frameworks as well as people for raising capability for delivery and performance.

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Engineering Services

BHL Solutions offers innovative and cutting-edge engineering services to clients across the globe. These services focus on technical know-how, on our creative engineering staff committed to the success of our customers. Some of the areas that enable us deliver advanced solutions to companies include proprietary simulation models, in-house research, internal databases as well as studying of operational technologies. .

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