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BHL Ocean Freight Services

A freight forwarder's an individual or organization that has the know-how of transporting your freight, safely and effectively, from one point to the other. Though generally, freight forwarders do not own the ships, trucks, or airplanes that are needed for moving your cargo, they act as middlemen that have a good understanding of all steps in the complicated shipping process . They can also make sure your goods reach their final destination.

An ocean freight forwarder is an expert in moving freight by cargo ships, and with their knowledge and experience, they know precisely the most effective method to complete any shipment and develop the relationships that are required to get the most affordable ocean rates that they can then pass on to you, their client. Our Ocean Freight Forwarding services are among the best in the industry. As ocean freight usually has to do with international shipments, we have International Freight Forwarders that boast additional expertise in preparing & processing customs, coupled with other documentation and activities related to international shipments.

We're a full-service international freight forwarder that specializes in arranging the logistics, merchandise storage as well as shipping of goods on behalf of its shippers. Our Ocean Freight Forwarding Services encompass a complete range of services: We take care of packing, crating, cranes, drayage, documentation, warehousing, coupled with booking cargo space. We also deal with tracking inland transportation, freight charges negotiation, consolidation of freight, cargo insurance as well as filing of insurance claims. Our experts know the kind of goods that can be shipped, the right procedures for shipping them, all necessary paperwork needed for shipping, ways to get your cargo on a vessel, and the steps to take in case something goes wrong. That means using our services guarantees you peace of mind, knowing that your shipment is in good hands.

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