Procurement Services

An unrivaled company with years of experience in Logistics management!

BHL has a rich history of collaborating with top logistics company to give our clients a wonderful experience.

BHL Logistics

BHL Logistics is one of the top logistics and freight forwarding service providers operating globally and we offer world-class procurement services for all Household goods, Safety Supplies, Hospital supplies, personal effects, Machinery, Automobile, including Oil/Gas Supplies. Committed to excellence and passionate about quality service delivery, we purchase wholesale items on behalf of our client, and delivery is normally to their (customer's) location, known as a dropship. Our dedicated and well-trained staff can customize our system to your individual needs, providing a personalized service for you at an affordable rate.

Perfect Procurement Services

BHL Procurement Service is free when the minimum cost has been taken care of, which is determined for each project. We calculate the costs of our service — including the costs of ordering process and shipping — and state the minimum in a contract using an open books policy. We will ensure that all costs and invoices will be made available to you on the Internet at all times. Our team has access to very competitive rates that bring flexibility of services, which is unmatched by our larger competitors in the industry.

We consider some of the things highlighted below while creating a procurement contract:

  • Ordering Process
  • Shipping Details
  • Proof of Purchase & Negotiated Price
  • Proof of Delivery & Returns
  • Disputes (about damaged goods, transactions, discrepancies in quantity, etc.)
  • Full and transparent accounting, status of purchase & status of shipment, secure and online 24/7
  • We have a great wealth of experience in rendering procurement services and have a practical understanding of how to work the wholesalers for a wide range of industries. Shipping to your country for procurement can be carried out using Air Freight or Ocean Freight. Kindly send us an email detailing info on website or links containing your items, and we'll add them to cart, and make the necessary payment on your behalf. We charge a $X procurement fee, which be added to your total payment. Please, include quantity, color, and size for each item or link you want us to procure.

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