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BHL Project management services will assist you in developing your capability to deliver repeatedly and consistently change initiatives to time, at the right cost as well as quality.

bHL Project Mnagament

bHL Project management services will assist you in developing your capability to deliver repeatedly and consistently change initiatives to time, at the right cost as well as quality. We can enhance performance throughout your organization by offering assessments, tools, frameworks as well as people for raising capability for delivery and performance.

Whether you are a business owner, investor or contractor, you have to deal with a number of requirements at all stages of your projects related to construction, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, etc. bHL’s project management services offer thorough supervision, inspection as well as commissioning services to you for every kind of projects, regardless of the location or size. We can assist you in reducing technical risks, control budgets, prevent construction flaws and keep your projects effectively within the planned period of time. Our project management employ discipline, process and leadership for simplifying functional silos, engaging stakeholders and making sure that your initiatives get completed as scheduled, within scope and budget. Also, we can assist you in fulfilling all necessary requirements, whether client based, voluntary or regulatory.

Consultancy services on project management are critical and important to the successful execution and completion of projects that are complex, time sensitive and have high impact within your company. You can initiate a project with us from start to finish, or if you have a missing project or your project lacks momentum, inform us and we’ll deploy our seasoned consultants for project management to put your project back on track. With the unique global reach of our organization, our project management clients include individuals and bodies such as private investors, public institutions, insurers, real estate owners as well as construction firms drawn from various parts of the world.

Our Project Management Services

We apply advanced project management skills in offering the following PM services:

  • Optimization of Supply Chain: We recognize inefficiencies as well as constraints in the supply chain of your company, and offer recommendations on technology and process to tackle these detected problems.
  • Business Technology: We offer consulting services to support IT management programs, give priority to the project portfolios of the IT unit in your company and provide a PM approach for end-to-end selection of systems as well as project implementation within IT as well as other business areas.
  • Management of Business Processes: In conjunction with change management strategies for achieving stakeholder buy-in, we employ progressive improvement frameworks like Six Sigma and Lean techniques. In partnership with stakeholders, the novel or refined business processes are defined explicitly and sustainability is applied at all units of your company.
  • Management of Capital Projects: We manage capital improvements for the entire length of their duration, minimizing risks yet maintaining strict control over schedule, scope as well as budget.
  • Manufacturing: We have a good understanding of the issues that manufacturing companies face in modern times such as the necessity of operating in an efficient manner to stay competitive. We employ Six Sigma and Lean techniques to tackle challenges like poor first-pass yield, material flow that is inefficient as well as excessive work-in-process stages for inventory.
  • Management of Changes: We combine creatively expert project management practice with best practices for managing changes for ensuring projects get completed as at when due and within budget, and for addressing the human aspects as well as culture that are key to sustainability and adoption.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: We design an implementation strategy that is prioritized and aligns with your key vision for the recent and currently bigger organization.
  • Management of Project Portfolios: We help companies execute their projects expertly. The projects with critical alignment employ a judicious use of the talent, time budget and effort of your company.
  • Development of Products: We do the management of strategic inter-dependencies as well as communication among every one of those units that deal with development of products — from the discovery stage to the commercialization phase.
  • Quality and Regularity: bHL employs project management for translating, planning as well as implementing strategies to assist your firm in realizing success, complying with agency regulations and remediating recognized problems.
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